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What does bash on windows mean? How does it work?
04/30/2016 10:17 PM

It was recently microsoft unveiled their plan to implement GNU/Linux shell functionality on windows operating system. Weeks after this announcement in microsoft developer conference, windows insider preview was released with this feature. Bash on windows, or more specifically windows subsystem for linux is different from cygwin because, cygwin make use of linux utilities modified and compiled

GhostBSD 10.3 Alpha 1 is available for testing
04/30/2016 10:02 PM

The developers of GhostBSD announced availability of GhostBSD 10.3 Alpha 1 release for testing. GhostBSD is a user friendly BSD distribution built over FreeBSD base. In addition to all features of FreeBSD, GhostBSD includes features like user friendly installation process, automatic detection of hardware, automatic network configuration, pre-installed desktop environment and multimedia codecs ..

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - Stable & Improved, though buggy software center : Review
04/30/2016 09:31 AM

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is one of the biggest release in the history of distribution so far. Even though it is not bringing any notable new feature, the team has made  a lot efforts to make it stable and clean. Initial reviews shows that efforts made by development team is not wasted. The hecticgeek portal has published a detailed review of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. In this review, it is observed that,

SparkyLinux 4.3 'Tyche' released with linux kernel 4.5.1
04/29/2016 08:39 PM

SparkyLinux team has announced release of SparkyLinux 4.3, latest update of Debian unstable based, user friendly operating system that comes in 3 different flavors. This release will be known by the code name 'Tyche'. Sparky Home editions are full featured operating systems with 5 different desktop environments to choose from. These desktop environments includes LXDE, LXQt, KDE, MATE and Xfce.

Cinnamon Desktop 3.0 released
04/29/2016 08:23 PM

The team behind Cinnamon desktop announced release of Cinnamon 3.0, latest stable release of easy to use, traditional looking, modern desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions. Cinnamon project was started as clone of GNOME 3.x. Over the years, it has evolved as an independent desktop environment. Cinnamon 3.0 comes with considerably less amount of changes. One of the community user

Tor Browser 5.5.5 released
04/28/2016 08:01 PM

The Tor project announced release of Tor Browser 5.5.5, latest update of software tool kit that provides improved anonymity and privacy while browsing internet. One of the notable highlight of this release is important security fixes in Mozilla firefox which default web browser packed in Tor browser kit. Tor Browser 5.5.5 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our

Tails, the amnesic incognito live system 2.3 released
04/27/2016 08:59 PM

The team behind Tails project announced release of Tails 2.3, latest stable update of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution that comes with tools and packages which helps to improve privacy of users while using internet. As usual, Tail 2.3 comes with several bug fixes and security fixes. So the development team highly recommends existing users to update their system. In addition to packages

Fedora developer portal gets new updates
04/27/2016 08:43 PM

It is almost one year since the launch of Fedora development portal. This portal is a platform that provides guide lines for performing different development activities including desktop development, aurdino development, mobile development, web development ..etc in fedora. Recently, fedora development portal has got significant updates which includes a 'Start a project' section, which is a

Manjaro 16.06 Daniella - 3rd preview released
04/27/2016 08:29 PM

The Manjaro team announced availability of Manjaro 16.06 3rd preview for testing. This preview of Manjaro 16.06 comes almost one month after previous development release.. This release is coming with more recent updates from upstream projects. The Manjaro Settings Manager now provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for installing and removing the many series of kernels we offer.

When elementary OS 'Loki' is coming?
04/26/2016 11:18 PM

After release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, there are a lot of queries regarding release of elementary OS 'Loki', 4th major release of elementary OS. Elementary OS is a Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution that combines stable Ubuntu core with a custom made desktop environment, Pantheon Desktop, which resembles OS X. Normal ubuntu releases and it's derivatives makes major updates with each stable

Black Lab Linux 7.6 released, provides support till april 2019
04/26/2016 08:27 PM

The PC OpenSystems LLC announced release of Black Lab Linux 7.6, latest update in distributions 7.x stable series. Black Lab Linux is a Ubuntu LTS/ Debian based, user friendly GNU/Linux distribution targeting both desktop computers and servers. Black Lab Linux 7.6 comes with a lot of changes and updated software packages which includes: Linux Kernel 3.19.0-58 LibreOffice 5.1.2 Firefox

Playing with Fedora kernel on GNOME tablet
04/26/2016 08:14 PM

GNOME tablets are not much popular, as there is no officially supported devices are available. However, there are a lot of efforts oriented towards this goal. One notable project is fedlet, a Fedora remix for some specific tablets. GNOME blogs has published an article, which revisits the experience of a GNOME developer with a ASUS T100TA. He installed latest version fedlet in this tablet and he

Kodi Media Center 16.1 – Jarvis – Mark XVI released with several bug fixes
04/24/2016 07:09 PM

The Kodi Media Center(earlier XBMC) team announced availability of Kodi 16.1, first maintenance release in Kodi 16.x Jarvis series. Kodi is a free and open source, cross platform supported media center that can be used for streaming different multimedia formats either stored in local storage devices or from remote locations. This release of Kodi includes fixes for several issues reported by

An Overview of Windows Subystem for Linux
04/24/2016 10:59 AM

It was recently microsoft announced it's plan to provide a 'windows subsystem for linux' with windows operating system. This subsystem offers provision for windows users to run GNU/Linux binaries without any hypervisor, emulator or nothing like. The Microsoft Corp. has published an article which describes how windows subsystem for linux works. This article also mentions other subsystems used by


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