OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 49

Rockstor 3.8-13 released with bug fixes and refinements
04/23/2016 11:12 AM

The Rockstor project announced availability of Rockstor 3.8-13, latest updated version of open source GNU/Linux distribution which serves as a storage operating system. Rockstor is powered by BTRFS file system and it allows to create cloud hosting service with less efforts. Rockstor 3.18-13 fixes 23 bugs of different severity which includes adding support for Network Teaming and Bonding, and

Q4OS 2.1 Scorpion testing image is available now
04/22/2016 10:22 PM

The Q4OS has announced availability of Q4OS 2.1 Scorpion development image for testing. This testing image of Q4OS is based on Debian 9 Stretch, along with Linux Kernel 4.5 and Trinity Desktop 14.0.4. Q4OS 'Scorpion' will be marked as stable, as soon as Debian 9 stretch become stable. We have included the 'Bourbon' start menu, the brand new default start menu in Q4OS. The two panel '

OpenIndiana Hipster 2016.04 snapshot released
04/22/2016 10:14 PM

The OpenIndiana community announced availability of OpenIndian 2016.04, latest snapshot of community driven, open source operating system powered by Illumos kernel. This snapshot of OpenIndiana comes 6 months after previous one and as usual, is packed with a lot of updates. Following are some changes/updates present in this release: Firefox is updated to 45.0.2 Thunderbird is updated to

KaOS 2016.04 released, celebrating 3rd anniversary
04/22/2016 10:06 PM

KaOS team announced availability of KaOS 2016.04, latest monthly updated of independently evolved, rolling GNU/Linux distribution that offers a lean KDE experience. KaOS 2016.04 is not just a monthly update release, it also marks 3 years of this US based distribution. By this release, KaOS has completely migrated to Qt 5.6 and consequently it has rebuilt complete desktop. Also, Calamares,

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is out with all official flavors
04/21/2016 08:52 PM

Thus, the wait is over. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the most awaited release of project has been released. This release includes all other official flavors of Ubuntu including Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Mythbuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu Studio ..etc. Ubuntu 16.04 introduces a lot of great features. These features includes introduction of 'snaps' package format, which will help to

New GNOME Software supports system upgrade : Upgrading to Fedora 24
04/21/2016 08:46 PM

Updating operating system was never an easy task. Few years ago, it was running a lot of commands and waiting impatiently to get system updated. But, things changed rapidly. Now there are operating systems which let you to migrate to newer versions with a few mouse clicks. Fedora, being one of the bleeding edge distribution will allow you to install latest cutting edge packages through coptr

KDE Plasma 5.6.3 released, comes with minor bug fixes
04/20/2016 09:31 PM

The KDE Plasma project announced release of KDE Plasma 5.6.3, latest bug fix release for Plasma 5.6 released last month. KDE Plasma 5.6.3 comes with one month long translation work, and some other bug fixes. Following are some notable bug fixes present in this release: Bluedevil : Restore adapter powered state after 1s delay. Hide 0 rating. Commit. Properly report information on non-found

Fedora 24 Beta reaches 'Freeze'
04/20/2016 09:21 PM

Fedora development team announced freeze of Fedora 24 beta release. That means only critical, specially approved bug fixes will be added to builds before beta release. All other updates and bug fixes will be pushed to testing repository. Fedora 24 beta release is scheduled on 3rd of may and final release is scheduled for 7th of June. However, these scheduled dates are not tightly fixed, it may

DragonFlyBSD 4.4.3 Released
04/20/2016 08:13 PM

The DragonFlyBSD project announced release of DragonFlyBSD 4.4.3, latest update in distributions 4.4.x series. DragonFlyBSD is a BSD distribution that offers native clustering support in the kernel which requires a sophisticated cache management framework for file system name space, file spaces and VM spaces. DragonFlyBSD 4.4.3 comes with OpenSSL 1.0.1s, I219 (skylake) network support, some

DejaGnu 1.6 Released - 5 years after version 1.5
04/19/2016 08:55 PM

Mr Ben Elliston representing GNU project announced release of DejaGnu 1.6, new stable release of free(Free as in Freedom) testing framework.. The soul purpose of DejaGnu is to provide a common interface for all testing tasks. DejaGnu 1.6 has released 5 years after previous stable release DejaGnu 1.5. This release of DejaGnu comes with fair support for SSH, several bug fixes and a better manual

VirtualBox 5.0.18 Released
04/19/2016 08:37 PM

Oracle released VirtualBox 5.0.18, latest maintenance release of VirtualBox 5.x series. VirtualBox is a general purpose, hypervisor of type 2, that will allow computer users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously inside a host operating system. Number of operating systems that can be run simultaneously is theoretically limited by available hardware resources. VirtualBox 5.0.18 comes

Clementine Music Player 1.3.0 released after more than 2 years
04/18/2016 10:01 PM

The Clementine Music Player developers announced release of Clementine Music Player 1.3, latest stable release of cross platform supported music player inspired by Amarok 1.4. This release of Clementine is coming more than two years after release of previous stable version Clementine 1.2. Clementine 1.3 is compatible with Clementine Remote application for Android an android app that will allow

Quick Overview of GIMP - Powerful Image Editor
04/18/2016 08:28 PM

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a powerful, open source, cross platform supported image editor. It will allow us to do almost every tasks performed by any other commercial alternative. In additions to a wide range of options available with this software tool, at also let us to install 3rd party plugins to improve productivity further. Fedora Magazine has published an article which

Why dnf update is very slow in Fedora and how to fix it?
04/17/2016 11:29 PM

DNF is package manager used in newer versions of Fedora. It is a replacement for `yum`, previous package management utility used in Fedora. There are times when `dnf` operations(update/install) becomes extremely slow. It may take several minutes for updating even a single repository. This problem is caused by wrong selection of servers. Sometimes dnf will select some apparently slower server

GNOME team plans an improved System Monitor
04/17/2016 09:05 PM

GNOME System Monitor is an application coming with GNOME desktops. This will help users to look into details of running applications which includes memory used, cpu time used, idle time ..etc. A new blog post published in GNOME blogs reveals that they planning to improve some tools like system monitor, tweak tool, chat, gitg .etc. This improvements includes both visual improvements and

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