OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 48

Ubuntu 16.04 reached in final freeze, releases on 21st of April
04/15/2016 08:51 PM

When it is less than one week remaining for the scheduled release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Canonical announced that Ubuntu 16.04 has reached in it's final freeze state. That means no more changes and fixes will be applied before final release. The most awaited Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 'Xenial Xerus' is scheduled to release on 21st April 2016. Source : softpedia On April 14, 2016, Adam Conrad

ScaleDB joins Canonical's Charm Partner Programme
04/15/2016 08:33 PM

Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu, announced joining of ScaleDB in Charm Partner Programme. ScaleDB provides a pluggable  storage engine for MariaDB/MySQL which will enable it to handle large volume and velocity streaming time-series data. By joining Charm Partner Programme, ScaleDB can make best use of Canonical's universal application modeling tool Juju, which will help them in instant

IPFire 2.19 - Core update 100 Released
04/15/2016 08:15 PM

The IPFire team announced availability of IPFire 2.19 - Core update 100 latest update in Open Source firewall distribution's 2.19 branch. This release marks a major mile stone in history of this distribution. This update introduces IPFire 2.19 for 64 bit machines for the first time. Even though release of IPFire 2.9 update is delayed for a while, it has helped the team to fix various security

OPNsense Firewall 16.1.9 released
04/14/2016 08:33 PM

The OPNsense team announced release of OPNsense 16.1.9, latest stable update of fully featured, user friendly, FreeBSD based firewall and routing system. It comes with most of the features available in costly commercial firewalls or even more than that. New release of OPNsense has improved translations, which includes comprehensive russian translation, and japanese translation work is in

Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 Released
04/14/2016 08:04 PM

The Mozilla foundation released Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0, latest stable release of open source, full featured, cross platform supported email client. This release of Thunderbird comes with some new features and certain bug fixes. Following are some new features introduced in Mozilla Thunderbird. Add a Correspondents column combining Sender and Recipient Much better support for XMPP

Taking screenshots using shutter in fedora
04/13/2016 10:09 PM

Shutter is a feature rich, open source screenshot utility developed for GNU/Linux operating system. In addition to capturing photos of entire screen, specific window or selected area it helps to apply different effects, draw to highlights points and to upload to image hosting sites. The Fedora Magazine has published an article on shutter screenshot utility which explains how shutter is

Wordpress 4.5 'Coleman' Released
04/13/2016 08:49 PM

The Wordpress development team announced release of wordpress 4.5, latest stable version of open source content management system. This release will be referred by the code name 'Coleman' as honor for jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkin. New release of wordpress is bundled with a lot of new features which will help people to stream their work flow while building website and blogs. Some

HandyLinux 2.4 Released based on Debian 8.4
04/12/2016 07:35 PM

One week after release of Debian 'Jessy' 8.4, HandlyLinux team announced release of HandyLinux 2.4, a new maintenance release of Debian stable based GNU/Linux distribution. Comparing to previously released HandyLinux 2.3 this release does not bring a lot of features, instead it is a maintenance release intended to provide continued support for HandyLinux users. Following are some notable

TED interview with Linux Torvalds : The mind behind Linux
04/12/2016 09:45 AM

Linus Torvalds is the person who came with the idea of Linux kernel in the beginning of 90s. It was just a hobby for him at that moment, later Linux kernel project has grown by the contribution of 1000s of developers across the earth. Now it is one of the biggest existing open source project. Another contribution of Linus is Git - An innovative version controlling system (VCS). The TED portal

Isolating processes in Qubes OS 3.1 : Review
04/11/2016 11:35 PM

Qubes OS is a Fedora based security oriented, open source operating system for laptops and personal computers. Qubes OS achieve security by isolating different tasks in separate virtual machines so that one application can't interact with another. Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(10/04/2016) features a review of Qubes OS 3.1, new release of project released last month. The reviewer tells that

Zorin OS : Linux designed for Windows Users : Review
04/11/2016 11:13 PM

The tecmint portal has published a review of Zorin OS, an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution that offers traditional desktop experience, or more precisely Windows or OS X like user experience. An integrated app coming with Zorin OS enable people to switch between GNOME 2 and Windows 7 appearance in Zorin OS core and additionaly windows xp and OS X appearance in ultimate edition. In the

Manjaro E20 16.04 released
04/10/2016 11:33 PM

The Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro E20 16.04, latest community edition of Manjaro Linux featuring Enlightenment 20. Enlightenment is more appropriate for users having certain level of experience with Linux. With this desktop environment, Manjaro E20 can be a lightweight, fast, resource friendly, yet a powerful distribution that is capable of serving common mutlimedia, office

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