NixOS 16.03 'Emu' Released

The NixOS team announced release of NixOS 16.03 'Emu' third stable release of NixOS. NixOS is a purely functional distribution built over Nix package manager.

NixOS 16.03 is a low profile release, however it comes with several minor improvements. Major highlights of this release includes Nix 1.12.2, systemd 229, Linux Kernel 4.4 and many other updated packages.

In addition to numerous new and upgraded packages, this release has the following highlights:
  • Systemd 229, bringing numerous improvements.
  • Linux 4.4 (was 3.18).
  • GCC 5.3 (was 4.9). Note that GCC 5 changes the C++ ABI in an incompatible way; this may cause problems if you try to link objects compiled with different versions of GCC.
  • Glibc 2.23 (was 2.21).
  • Binutils 2.26 (was 2.23.1). 
  • Improved support for ensuring bitwise reproducible builds. For example, stdenv now sets the environment variable SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to a deterministic value, and Nix has gained an option to repeat a build a number of times to test determinism. An ongoing project, the goal of exact reproducibility is to allow binaries to be verified independently (e.g., a user might only trust binaries that appear in three independent binary caches).
  • Perl 5.22.
See original release announcement in NixOS developer's mailing list.

Download NixOS 16.03 'Emu'

The graphical installation CD contains the NixOS installer as well as X11, KDE 4 and several applications. It’s a live CD, so it allows you to get an impression of NixOS (and the Nix package manager) before installing it.
The minimal installation CD does not contain X11, and is therefore a lot smaller. You have to run the installer from the console. It contains a number of rescue tools.

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