New GNOME Software supports system upgrade : Upgrading to Fedora 24

Updating operating system was never an easy task. Few years ago, it was running a lot of commands and waiting impatiently to get system updated. But, things changed rapidly. Now there are operating systems which let you to migrate to newer versions with a few mouse clicks.

Fedora, being one of the bleeding edge distribution will allow you to install latest cutting edge packages through coptr repositories. An updated version of GNOME Software can help you to update your system. A blog post published by gnome developers explains, how to upgrade your Fedora 23 installation to Fedora 24.

Since Fedora 24 is in Alpha state now(21sth April 2016), this update task is not recommended for regular users. Once, Fedora 24 finds it's final release, everyone can proceed with this.

I’ve spent the last couple of days fixing up all the upgrade bugs in GNOME Software and backporting them to gnome-3-20. The idea is that we backport gnome-software plus a couple of the deps into Fedora 23 so that we can offer a 100% GUI upgrade experience. It’s the first time we’ve officially transplanted a n+1 GNOME component into an older release (ignoring my unofficial Fedora 20 whole-desktop backport COPR) and so we’re carefully testing for regressions and new bugs.
See original tutorial in GNOME blogs.

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