Manjaro E20 16.04 released

The Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro E20 16.04, latest community edition of Manjaro Linux featuring Enlightenment 20. Enlightenment is more appropriate for users having certain level of experience with Linux. With this desktop environment, Manjaro E20 can be a lightweight, fast, resource friendly, yet a powerful distribution that is capable of serving common mutlimedia, office tasks of users.

Source : Manjaro Forum

Following are main programs included in Manjaro E20 16.04:
- kernel 4.4.6 LTS, sddm, thus
- ardis icons, themes manjaro dark, blue sky, and onix included
- galculator, mousepad
- gimp, viewnior
- firefox, hexchat, transmission
- mpv and smplayer (with all skins and themes), emixer
- abiword
- pamac, chroot, qisousb, lxtask, terminology, xsensors...
- multilib enabled and nonfree drivers included in the 64 bits
See original release announcement in Manjaro development forum.

Download Manjaro E20 16.04 ISO

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