Kodi Media Center 16.1 – Jarvis – Mark XVI released with several bug fixes

The Kodi Media Center(earlier XBMC) team announced availability of Kodi 16.1, first maintenance release in Kodi 16.x Jarvis series. Kodi is a free and open source, cross platform supported media center that can be used for streaming different multimedia formats either stored in local storage devices or from remote locations.

This release of Kodi includes fixes for several issues reported by users across the globe. Kodi 16.1 can be directly installed without removing previous 16.0 installation.

Some of the fixes made in Kodi 16.1 includes:
  • Never cache addons directories
  • Fix typo when calculating forced ratio size
  • AndroidStorageProvider: Ignore /mnt/runtime and don’t call Exists all the way every some 500 ms as this will affect performance
  • Set of fixes for DirectX rendering
  • Fixed crash under JSON-RPC on iOS/OSX
  • 20% performance gain on opening EPG guide window
  • Add missing libgif.so to the Android package
  • Fix Kodi freezing if no ADSP add-on is present
  • EventServer security fix by only allowing localhost
  • Fix possible lockup when entering EPG grid
  • Fix possible problems with rendering on Windows
  • Fix possible non working key presses after a key long press
  • Don’t do a video chapter skip if there’s only one chapter
  • Fix possible lock up by increasing timeout to let screensavers properly exit
  • Fix render capture (bookmark images) on certain hardware with DXVA on Windows
  • Fix problem in ZeroConfBrowser that could cause problems on exit
  • Fix crash one OSX 10.7 when trying to resolve HDD names
  • Fix possible crashes when using VAAPI and DXVA video rendering
  • Fix song reported on playback of songs from cuesheet
See original release announcement in official Kodi portal.

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