HandyLinux 2.4 Released based on Debian 8.4

One week after release of Debian 'Jessy' 8.4, HandlyLinux team announced release of HandyLinux 2.4, a new maintenance release of Debian stable based GNU/Linux distribution. Comparing to previously released HandyLinux 2.3 this release does not bring a lot of features, instead it is a maintenance release intended to provide continued support for HandyLinux users.

Following are some notable highlights of this release:
  • Distribution base updated to Debian 'Jessy' 8.4
  • Updated HandyMenu
  • Updated Handy Package Updader(handy-upgrade-manager)
  • Added some custom actions in Thunar file manager
  • Repositories were cleaned to remove outdated packages
  • Improved welcome message
  • Replaced Iceweasel package with Mozilla Firefox
  • Now evince is used as default PDF viewer 
Read original release announcement in HandyLinux blog.

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