GNOME team plans an improved System Monitor

GNOME System Monitor is an application coming with GNOME desktops. This will help users to look into details of running applications which includes memory used, cpu time used, idle time ..etc.

A new blog post published in GNOME blogs reveals that they planning to improve some tools like system monitor, tweak tool, chat, gitg .etc. This improvements includes both visual improvements and improvements in terms of functionality.

Usage is the name us designers have for a revamped System Monitor application. The name reflects the fact that we don’t want the app to be just about what your computer is doing right now – we also want it to be a place where you can get historical information about usage of resources like battery power or network.

We’ve had some designs sitting around for the Usage application for a while. Not so long ago I decided to update them a bit. In doing so, I added a section for disk usage, which is probably the worst part of the existing System Monitor app, and is loosely based on our Disk Usage Analyzer

See complete details in GNOME blogs.

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