Fedora developer portal gets new updates

It is almost one year since the launch of Fedora development portal. This portal is a platform that provides guide lines for performing different development activities including desktop development, aurdino development, mobile development, web development ..etc in fedora.

Recently, fedora development portal has got significant updates which includes a 'Start a project' section, which is a problem oriented approach for development activities. This section describes steps to be followed for configuring a particular development environment in Fedora. Though this section is under heavy development and there is no enough material right now.

Mr Adam Samalik, a core team member behind fedora development portal announces this update in his blog.
I have just deployed a new version of Fedora Developer Portal. The most visible part is refreshed look with more uniform layout. I have also compressed all the images in titles (from ~1.2MB to ~50kB in average) – so the loading should be much faster.

There is also new section called Start a project. This section contains/will contain content from a problem-to-be-solved perspective like ‘Create a Website’ or ‘Work with Arduino’. This new section is the opposite of Languages and Databases, which is a ‘language-specific’ section.

As I have already mentioned, the new section is partly empty. This is another new feature – we have also published a selection of unfinished/empty pages, that we would like to include. And this is your turn! You can help us by contributing content. All information is about contributing is on our new site for contributors – also linked from the portal.
See original announcement in Adam Samalik's blog.

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