Fedora 24 Beta reaches 'Freeze'

Fedora development team announced freeze of Fedora 24 beta release. That means only critical, specially approved bug fixes will be added to builds before beta release. All other updates and bug fixes will be pushed to testing repository.

Fedora 24 beta release is scheduled on 3rd of may and final release is scheduled for 7th of June. However, these scheduled dates are not tightly fixed, it may be extended further depending on development status.

Today is the Beta freeze[2]. This means that only packages which fix accepted blocker or freeze exception bugs[3][4] will be marked as 'stable' and included in the Beta composes. Other builds will remain in updates-testing until the Beta release is approved, at which point the Beta freeze is lifted and packages can move to 'stable' as usual until the Final freeze. Finally, Today is the '100% code complete deadline' Change Checkpoint[8], meaning that Fedora 23 Changes must now be code complete, meaning all the code required to enable to the new change is finished. The level of code completeness is reflected as tracker bug state ON_QA. The change does not have to be fully tested by this deadline'. 
Read original announcement in Fedora development mailing list.

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