Sonar 2016.3 Released : Manjaro based accessible OS focused on assistive technology

The Sonar OS team announced release of Sonar 2016.3, latest stable release of Manjaro based accessible operating system that focuses on assistive technologies. This release of Sonar OS is a result of 3 months of development effort of Manjaro Linux team as well as Sonar OS team.

In addition to regular Manjaro updates, following are additional packages included in this release.
  • Soundconverter, a gtk application to easily convert between audio formats, as well as strip the video out of video files, released under the lgpl2 license.
  • Transmageddon, a gtk+ application to convert between video formats. It also has presets for most common devices, including iPod, iPhone, and various game consoles. Released under the lgpl license.
  • Veracrypt, a fork of the populer truCrypt full disk encryption software, released under the apache license and the truCrypt open source license.
  • Ocrdesktop, a gtk wrapper around the teseract scanning engine, allowing you to easily scan applications that for whatever reason are not accessible. Cudos goes out to chrys87 for doing a fantastic job on this one.
  • CoreBird, an accessible gtk+ twitter client that integrates well into the linux desktop. Released under the gplv3 license.
  • And more software packages in community repositories.
Read complete release announcement in Manjaro blog.

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