Solus 1.1 'Shannon' Released

The Solus Linux team announced release of Solus 1.1 'Shannon', latest update of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution that make use of eopkg package manager. Solus features a traditional, simple, lightweight and yet powerful desktop environment which is known as Budgie.

Solus 1.1 is developed using the groundwork of Solus 1.0 and it comes with a lot improvements and refinements.

From release announcement:
It isn’t tradition for Linux distributions to ship fundamental changes in point releases. But given our tradition of breaking traditions, we’ve shipped a plethora of optimizations to the core of our operating system and further optimization to the core libraries used throughout our display / graphic stack.
  1. We now provide preliminary OpenGL 4.1 support.
  2. Mesa has been updated to 11.1.2
  3. Xorg has been updated to 1.17.4
  4. We’ve synchronized our Intel X11 driver with the last development version in git for improved performance and extended hardware support, including Broadwell, Skylake and preliminary support for future SKUs.
  5. Nouveau support is at the latest release.
Read complete release announcement in Solus blog.

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