Solus 1.1 - Lean & Fast, But Has a Long Way to Go : Review

The hecticgeek portal has published a review of Solus 1.1, latest stable update of independently developed lightweight, classical looking, full featured operating system that make use of a revamped version of PiSi package manger with the name eopkg.

Finally, the reviewer concludes that, despite of some fall backs, Solus is a success in tuning things in a nice way. It is far better comparing to several distributions, including some major distributions, which comes without any significant performance tweaks.

Then in early 2015 it reappeared, calling itself EvolveOS and this time it wasn’t based on any distribution. It also featured a desktop shell (a desktop shell is a basic GUI that gives the users with the ability to open & manage applications through a single interface. It’s the most basic form of a desktop environment in the sense that it merely provides a unified graphical interface to applications, nothing more. Where a desktop environment provides a desktop shell and a set of core user applications such as a file manager, text editor etc) that was created with the intention of being lightweight, modern & minimalist. It was called ‘Budgie’, and it was very closely integrated with GNOME technologies for rendering the desktop experience.
Read complete review in hecticgeek portal.

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