Shashlik : A tool to run Android apps natively on Linux

In these days, android is most popular mobile platform. There are hundreds of millions of devices powered by Android across the world and is a fastest growing platform.

It is estimated that Google Play store, most established software provider for Android platform has more than 1.43 million apps. It is always an interesting question is, how to make use of this rich app store in traditional desktop environments.

There are desktop platforms such as Android x86 project, Remix OS, Phoenix OS which are extension of Android to desktop platform. If you install these platforms in your desktop system, you can run several apps on it.

Flappy Bird game on Netrunner Linux - Application of Shashlik

The Shashlik project, is an attempt to support android apps on existing GNU/Linux installation.

In their official website, they describe their goal as
The goal of Shashlik is to provide a way to run Android applications on a standard Linux desktop as easily and simply as possible.

Behind the platform, Shashlik is nothing but a stripped version of Android. This will be booted in existing host session and run daemons and activity manager to work things properly. OpenGL and graphics will be rendered on the host to ensure fast performance.

A brief guide line for installation of Shashlik can be found in official website.

Android Spotify App running on Netrunner Linux

Android Flappy Bird running on Netrunner Linux

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