ReactOS 0.4.0 - A Windows Binary compatible Open Source OS : Review

The ReactOS is an open source operating system, that is designed to be binary compatible with windows binary files. It is not something like running WINE on a GNU/Linux system, instead it is something written from scratch, inspired by windows 9x architecture.

Recently ReactOS team announced release of ReactOS 0.4.0, latest official release of project. This weeks(13/03/2016) distrowatch weekly features a review of ReactOS 0.4.0.

In conclusion, reviewer remarks that, ReactOS team has put a lot of effort to recreate a windows 9x experience. However, he writes, ReactOS has a long way to go to achieve functionality offered by some proprietary software.

While playing with the live disc can give us a feel for what ReactOS looks like, if we want to really explore the operating system we will want to install it. I rebooted my virtual machine with the ReactOS installation disc mounted. The disc boots directly into the project's text-based installer which looks and acts a good deal like the Windows installer from the XP era. We are asked to select our keyboard's layout from a list and then warned ReactOS supports installing on partitions formatted with the FAT file system exclusively. We are then asked to select our screen's resolution from a list. Next, we are shown a list of partitions on our disk and given the chance to delete the existing partitions or add new ones. We are then asked which partition should play host to ReactOS. The last question the installer asks us is if it should install a boot loader, either on our hard drive or on a floppy disk. With our answers given, the ReactOS installer then copies its files to our drive and reboots.
Read complete review in distrowatch weekly.

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