Qubes OS 3.1 Released

Mr Joanna Rutkowska, representing Qubes OS team announced of Qubes OS 3.1, latest stable release of Fedora based security oriented operating system.

From release announcement:
In Qubes 3.1 this management stack makes it possible to conveniently control system-wide Qubes configuration using centralized, declarative statements. Declarative is a key word here: it makes creating advanced configurations significantly simpler (the user or administrator needs only to specify what they want to get, rather than how they want to get it).
This has already allowed us to improve our installation wizard (firstboot) so that it now offers the user ability to easily select various options to pre-create some useful configurations, such as e.g. Whonix or USB-hosting VMs.
Read complete release announcement in Invisible Things Blog.

Download Qubes OS 3.1 64 BIT


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