Pinguy OS 14.04.4 Released

The Pinguy OS team announced release of Pinguy OS 14.0.4, latest update of Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution. In addition to all packages from Vanilla Ubuntu distribution, Pinguy OS ships with a lot of packages which will help to make system more usable.

Pinguy OS 14.04.4 is and update to 14.04.x series and it is based on Ubuntu 14.04.4. This release is completely updated using packages available in official Ubuntu repository till 2nd of March.

According to release announcement, following are major highlights of this release.
  • HandBrake updated to version 0.10 to take advantage of the H.265 codec.
  • Kernel updated to version 3.13.0-79
  • Removed closed repos from the source list.
  • All other changes introduced in Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS release
Read complete release announcement in Pinguy OS blog.

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