OwnCloud 9.0 Released, the biggest release so far.

The ownCloud team announced release of ownCloud 9.0, latest stable release of open source client-server suite for creating file hosting services. This release of ownCloud marks biggest release in it's history.

ownCloud 9.0 comes with several performance improvements, bug fixes and new features. Collaboration with CERN and AARNET is also something that is important about this release.

From a release announcement:
It is one of the main goals of ownCloud, since the beginning, to enable everyone to run their own server but still collaborate and share with others. Sharing between different ownCloud servers is possible for a while now. But this is easier than ever with cross-server user name auto complete, trusted servers and more. Once you’ve shared with another ownCloud server, it will be added as a trusted server, exchanging user names. This will enable ownCloud to auto complete names from users of all shared servers. Admins have control over these features, so they can add trusted servers manually and disable the automatic addition.

We released the ownCloud Federation API last summer as a first draft. Since then we collected a lot of feedback and improved the specification. I’m super happy that other projects and cloud software started to adopt this API to become compatible.
See complete news in Frank Karlitsches's blog.

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