OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 44

ReactOS 0.4 Screenshot Tour
03/19/2016 01:40 AM

The ReactOS project is an effort to recreate windows 9x experience. Behind windows 9x experience, it targets to offer support for all modern windows applications. ReactOS is not a GNU/Linux distribution running WINE to support windows applications. Instead it is an operating system developed from scratch and it is inspired by windows 9x architecture. Recently, ReactOS team announced release of

Netrunner 2016.1 Review
03/18/2016 09:36 PM

Netrunner is a free, open source GNU/Linux distribution that offers a lean KDE experience. It comes in two different flavors. A standard release which is based on Kubuntu and the other one, a rolling distribution is based on Arch, or more specifically on Manjaro. The Everyday Linux User has published a review of recently released Netrunner 2016.1, latest updated image of Netrunner rolling

Manjaro 16.06 Xfce Preview 1 Screenshot Tour
03/18/2016 09:29 AM

Manjaro is an Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution that combines powerful base of Arch Linux with simplicity and beauty. Recently Manjaro team announced availability of Manjaro 16.06 Preview 1, early preview of upcoming stable release Manjaro 16.06 Daniella. The 'original Manjaro' comes in two flavors. KDE edition and Xfce edition. I'm considering XFCE edition for this screenshot tour. I

Elive 2.6.18 Beta Released
03/17/2016 08:12 PM

The Elive team announced availability of Elive 2.6.18 Beta, latest development release of Debain based, fast and beautiful GNU/Linux distribution featuring Enlightenment as default desktop environment. From official release announcement, following are highlights of this beta release. Blender is updated to the last version (+ 2.76.211) Big improements with the time compatibility in

deepin 15.1.1 Screenshot Tour
03/16/2016 11:08 PM

deepin (formerly Deepin) is a Debian unstable based elegant, usable, stable GNU/Linux distribution from China. It features a responsive, elegant, smoothly functioning desktop environment, which is popularly known as deepin desktop. Additionally deepin is shipped with several in house applications such as Deepin Store, Deepin Music, Deepin Video ..etc. This is a screenshot tour of recently

KaOS 2016.03 Screenshot Tour
03/15/2016 11:26 PM

KaOS is a US based, independently evolved, rolling GNU/Linux distribution inspired by Arch Linux. Instead of providing several options to choose from, KaOS team focuses on single architecture(x86_64) and single desktop environment(KDE Plasma). Here is a screenshot tour of recently released updated ISO of KaOS, ie, KaOS 2016.03. These screenshots are taken by running KaOS 2016.03 inside virtual

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Beta Relesed
03/15/2016 09:55 PM

The Red Hat team announced availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.8 Beta, development release for latest stable update in Enterprise Linux 6.x series. RHEL 6.x series has completed almost 6 years in it's life cycle and it was able to provide a stable, proven and predictable system for enterprises. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Beta comes with several enhancements and features to

KaOS 2016.01 - The fallen Angel : Review
03/15/2016 09:36 PM

The dedoimedo portal has published a review of KaOS 2016.01, stable build of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution, released on january of 2016. The reviewer remarks that, despite of claims made by KaOS team, it is completely unstable and unusable for the time. He was facing problems since first boot onward and it was raising crash messages unexpectedly. Finally he stopped exploring when

Manjaro LXQt 16.03 Screenshot Tour
03/15/2016 12:05 AM

Recently Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro LXQt 16.03, a community build of Manjaro GNU/Linux featuring lightweight LXQt as default desktop environment. This is a tour through different screens of Manjaro LXQt 16.03. Welcome screen of Manjaro LXQt 16.03 is similar to all other Manjaro release. In this screen we have option to set language and screen resolution. Also in boot

ReactOS 0.4.0 - A Windows Binary compatible Open Source OS : Review
03/14/2016 09:24 PM

The ReactOS is an open source operating system, that is designed to be binary compatible with windows binary files. It is not something like running WINE on a GNU/Linux system, instead it is something written from scratch, inspired by windows 9x architecture. Recently ReactOS team announced release of ReactOS 0.4.0, latest official release of project. This weeks(13/03/2016) distrowatch weekly

KaOS 2016.03 Released
03/14/2016 09:00 PM

The KaOS team announced release of KaOS 2016.03, latest stable build of independently evolved, rolling GNU/Linux distribution that features KDE plasma as default desktop environment. This release of KaOS comes with Plasma Frameworks 5.20.0, Plasma 5.5.5 and KDE Applications 15.12.2. In addition to these, KaOS has made some enhancement on Plasma 5 to improve user experience. According to

Shashlik : A tool to run Android apps natively on Linux
03/13/2016 10:16 PM

In these days, android is most popular mobile platform. There are hundreds of millions of devices powered by Android across the world and is a fastest growing platform. It is estimated that Google Play store, most established software provider for Android platform has more than 1.43 million apps. It is always an interesting question is, how to make use of this rich app store in traditional

FreeBSD 10.3-RC2 Released
03/13/2016 11:29 AM

The FreeBSD project announced release of FreeBSD 10.3 - RC2, second release candidate for upcoming stable release of independently evolved BSD distribution. According to official release mail, following are noteworthy changes made over previous release, ie, FreeBSD 10.3-RC1. Under certain circumstances, `zfs send -i`, i. e. incremental ZFS send, could lead to data corruption, which has

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