OpenShot Video Editor 2.0 Beta 4 Released

The OpenShot team announced availability of OpenShot 2.0 Beta 4, latest development release of upcoming OpenShot 2.0 stable release. OpenShot is a non-linear open source video editor that can be used to captures your videos, photos, and music files to create your dream film using different transitions effects, subtitles, ..etc

OpenShot 2.0 Beta 4 has made a lot progress comparing to previous beta release. It comes with improved stability, better performance and new features. Also, OpenShot team has made crucial improvements to the OpenShot infrastructures including build servers and website.

From release announcement:
There were 2 really big issues with the previous beta releases: some Mac computers could not launch OpenShot due to incompatibilities between the CPU and certain libraries (compiled with brew), and random crashes with Windows during preview/playback. Both of these issues have been fixed, and a big thanks for all the testers who helped me with each experimental revision. I could write an entire update on these 2 points alone, they both took a huge amount of time to troubleshoot, and are reasonably well documented on Github.
Read complete release announcement in OpenShot website.

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