Manjaro LXQt 16.03 Screenshot Tour

Recently Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro LXQt 16.03, a community build of Manjaro GNU/Linux featuring lightweight LXQt as default desktop environment.

This is a tour through different screens of Manjaro LXQt 16.03.

Welcome screen of Manjaro LXQt 16.03 is similar to all other Manjaro release. In this screen we have option to set language and screen resolution.

Also in boot screen Manjaro LXQt is not using any splash screens or plymouth animations. It is just like a text loading screen. This will help to reduce boot time significantly.

Here comes the difference. Manjaro LXQt login screen in somewhat decent. It has a good looking wall paper.

In first look, Manjaro LXQt desktop is something that resembles with Windows 10. It has has a default wall paper which is similar to default wallpaper of Windows 10. This distributions has also got a task bar resembling with Windows 10.

Manjaro LXQt 16.03 comes with latest version of LXQt available till release of this distribution. It is LXQt 0.10

Main menu is something compact and fairly decent comparing to other lightweight desktop environments. Manjaro LXQt comes with several applications pre-installed.

 Manjaro LXQt uses Octopi as a graphical front end of for default package manager, pacman.

 LXQt 0.10 is making use of LXTerminal 0.2.0, terminal from LXDE. It seems that LXQt porting is still pending for terminal application.

PCManFM 0.10, default file manager used in Manjaro LXQt 16.03 has a decent look. It has icons resembling with windows.

Though a lightweight distribution, Manjaro LXQt 16.03 ships mozilla firefox as default web browser.

LXQt make use of a Central control center, known as LXQt Configuration center. LXQt differs with central control managers of other environments in the way in which it handles subsections. Other control centers opens subsection in same window. Contrary, LXQt Configuration Center opens subsections in a  different window.

In Manjaro LXQt 16.03, there are two shutdown options. One using icon given in right side of task bar. Other one is using main menu.

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