Manjaro LXDE 16.03 Released

The Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro LXDE 16.03, latest community build of Manjaro Linux featuring LXDE as default desktop environment.

Manjro LXDE targets to be a lightweight, fast, less resources consuming but a full featured distribution that is capable of satisfying day to day needs of users.

According official release announcement, following are notable highlights of this release:
  • kernel 4.4.5-1 LTS, Manjaro Settings Manager, lxdm
  • new very complete icon set Lila_HD
  • mtpaint (32bit) or gimp (64bit), gpicview
  • hexchat, palemoon, sylpheed, transmission
  • abiword, qpdfview, gnumeric (64bit)
  • pulseaudio, pavucontrol, lxmusic, qmmp, mpv, smplayer,
  • pamac, lxdm configurator, pcmanfm, gparted, xsensors, lxtask, qisousb
  • network-manager, AUR support
Read complete release announcement in Manjaro portal.

Download Manjaro LXDE 16.03 ISO | 64 BIT

Download Manjaro LXDE 16.03 ISO | 32 BIT

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