LXLE 14.04.4 'Posh' Released

The LXLE team announced release of LXLE 14.04.4, latest update in LXLE 14.04.x 'Posh' series. LXLE is an Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution that comes with a well tweaked version of LXDE, to power low resource computers.

From release announcement:
The 'Posh' version of LXLE has been readied and tested since it's last release candidate and in the subsequent days of the update to Seamonkey 2.40, which is a core component of the overall desktop experience provided by the operating system; ensuring performance and compatibility with the suite update was critical before official release.

During this wait, small polish to the browser and overall user interface was applied, essientially smoothing out any rough edges of the new 'Posh Paradigm' introduced in this release. Posh is expected to provide not only a familiar yet dynamic low resource LXDE desktop but also a layout easily mimicked by LXQT if a version is ever officially offered.
Read complete release announcement in LXLE website.

Download LXLE 14.04.4 ISO

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