Korora 23 Xfce Review

The duskfire blog has published a review of Korora 23 Xfce, Fedora based GNU/Linux distribution coming with xfce desktop. In addition to Fedora packages, Korora comes with several useful packages that Fedora does not ship because of ideological reasons.

The reviewer finds Korora as a useful distribution and also observes that Korora is doing a great job by integrating day to day packages on Fedora. He also praises the option to choose from several well tweaked desktop environments.

Korora displays 2 virtual desktops by default. The top bar has the main menu on left, then at the right are icons for displaying & controlling volume, network, battery, time, and username (logout/shutdown).

In the Xfce edition, there is a left hand vertical panel that slides out when you hover along it, with 10 icons at the start, to let you open various programs. You start with Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, VLC, a terminal, the file manager, a search tool, Settings manager, the File manager, and the Trash directory.You can remove or add additional applications to this shortcut panel as you wish.

Korora uses icons from the Numix project by default. I haven’t seen them in other distros, but they are simple and attractive.
Read complete review in duskfire's blog.

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