KDE Plasma 5.6.1 Released

The KDE Project announced release of KDE Plasma 5.6.1, latest bug fix release of widely used open source desktop environment and it's associated applications. This is an update to Plasma 5.6.1 released at the beginning of this month.

This release of KDE Plasma comes with one month of development effort of contributors which includes improved translations and bug fixes.

According to official release announcement, the notable changes in this release includes:
  • Using QtQuick.Layouts instead of HTML to layout files.
  • Added the Science applications back to the Education section.
  • Make sure we don't change the progressing attribute before starting the update.
  • Properly defined what's the required Layouts version. 
  • Fall back to PackageKit when AppStream doesn't have information. 
  • Disable icon if the button is disabled.
  • Introduced a placeholder icon when appstream isn't providing an icon. 
  • Remove some deprecated constructions. 
  • Improved display of the applications list view.
  • Improved combined search and navigate behaviour.
  • Offers some kind of ratings on the PackageKit backend.
Read complete release announcement in KDE Plasma blog.

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