KaOS 2016.03 Screenshot Tour

KaOS is a US based, independently evolved, rolling GNU/Linux distribution inspired by Arch Linux. Instead of providing several options to choose from, KaOS team focuses on single architecture(x86_64) and single desktop environment(KDE Plasma).

Here is a screenshot tour of recently released updated ISO of KaOS, ie, KaOS 2016.03. These screenshots are taken by running KaOS 2016.03 inside virtual box.

KaOS welcome screen
First screen of KaOS 2016.03 is almost similar to Arch and distributions based on Arch Linux. It includes a big log and welcome message in several languages.

Initial configuration menu
 Again, KaOS initial configuration menu is similar to other Arch distributions. In addition to regular options, KaOS provides one more option. Option to boot using nVidia nonfree drivers.

KaOS login window
Though KaOS is offering a complete KDE experience, it is using sddm as display manager instead kdm - default window manager coming with KDE plasma.

KaOS Desktop Loading
KaOS Desktop loading screen is not default KDE one. It is something different.

Configuring Yakuate
Just after loading desktop, KaOS asks to configure default key for launching Yakuake - a drop down terminal.

KaOS Desktop welcome message
KaOS welcome screen offers option to read different documents, launch installer ..etc.

Default KaOS Desktop
Default KaOS Desktop is an empty screen without any icons. It has a task bar at bottom similar to any other KDE Distribution.

KaOS Main Menu
KaOS Main is a Lean Menu. It has categories and also some icons that will help to launch control panel, terminal and web browser quickly.

Dolphin File Manager
KaOS 2016.03 uses dolphin as default file manager. Initially it comes without any menus. However it can be configured easily.

konsole running on KaOS
konsole - terminal emulator application running on KaOS 2016.03

Calligra Word running in KaOS
KaOS comes with pre-installed Calligra office suite. This includes Calligra word, Calligra presenter and Calligra spreadsheets

QupZilla Running on KaOS
QupZilla is default web browser in KaOS. This is not something expected from a big distribution like KaOS. Ideally it should be Mozilla firefox or at least Chromium.

Octopi package manager
KaOS comes with Octopi as a graphical front for pacman - the default package manager.

SMPlayer running on KaOS
KaOS comes with two video players. And both are configured to run common multimedia files. This is a screenshot of SMPlayer running on KaOS.
mpv player running on KaOS
Another video player present in KaOS is mpv player. This is also capable of playing default media formats.

Logout screen on KaOS
This is logout screen in KaOS. It gives 30 seconds to cancel decision to shutdown.

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