KaOS 2016.01 - The fallen Angel : Review

The dedoimedo portal has published a review of KaOS 2016.01, stable build of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution, released on january of 2016.

The reviewer remarks that, despite of claims made by KaOS team, it is completely unstable and unusable for the time. He was facing problems since first boot onward and it was raising crash messages unexpectedly. Finally he stopped exploring when installer, Clamarus crashed.

I wasn't able to boot from a USB thumb drive, and I had to resort to DVD, plus disabling Secure Boot, as this distro boldly, proudly and clearly states that it does not support this feature yet. All right, but still, this must be fixed.

Then, you may say, wait Dedoimedo, WHAT? Did you not just mention in that G50 second round article that you failed with KaOS before? Yes, but I have since done a nice little trick, which shall remain secret for the time being, and this means now we are finally making progress. Which also means I will be testing Antergos, too, plus other distros, but that's a different story altogether. Hold your breath, all shall be revealed. 

Read complete review in dedoimedo portal.

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