Fedora 24 Alpha Released, features GNOME 3.20

The Fedora Project announced release of Fedora 24 Alpha, first development release of upcoming Fedora 24 stable release. This release announcement is applicable for different variations of Fedora including Fedora workstation, fedora cloud, fedora server, fedora ARM and other fedora spins.

This release of Fedora comes with a preview of GNOME 3.20 'Delhi'. After installation, users can update their system to have stable version of GNOME 3.20.

According to official release announcement published in fedora magazine, following are highlights of Fedora 24 Alpha workstation.
  • Workstation features a preview of GNOME 3.20, which was released just after the Alpha was cut. The GNOME 3.20 release is already available in the Fedora 24 update stream. Once you install Fedora 24 Alpha, you can use Software or dnf to update. GNOME 3.20 will of course be part of Fedora 24 Beta and the Final release.
  • We have decided not to make Wayland, the next generation graphic stack, the default in Fedora 24 Workstation. However, Wayland remains available as an option, and the Workstation team would greatly appreciate your help in testing. Our goal is one full release where the non-default Wayland option works seamlessly, or reasonably close thereto. At that point we will make Wayland the default with X11 as the fallback option.
  • There have been many changes to theming in GTK+ 3, where a stable API has not been declared. As a result, applications that use custom CSS theming, for example, may show issues with their appearance. This may include default applications that come with Fedora 24 Alpha Workstation. Users are asked to try out their favorite GTK+ 3 based applications and report bugs upstream so they might be addressed in time for the final release.
See more information in official release announcement published in Fedora Magazine.

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