OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 43

Best things to do after installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
03/12/2016 02:43 PM

This article is written based on experience with Ubuntu 16.04 Beta 1 release. Though this can be applied to final release as well. In this article, I would like to explain some best things to do after installing Ubuntu 16.04 in your system. This article will help you to have a more usable system. The terms 'usability', 'best' are completely relative. So, I'm trying to

Solus 1.1 - Lean & Fast, But Has a Long Way to Go : Review
03/11/2016 10:20 PM

The hecticgeek portal has published a review of Solus 1.1, latest stable update of independently developed lightweight, classical looking, full featured operating system that make use of a revamped version of PiSi package manger with the name eopkg. Finally, the reviewer concludes that, despite of some fall backs, Solus is a success in tuning things in a nice way. It is far better comparing to

Manjaro LXQt 16.03 Released
03/11/2016 10:06 PM

The Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro LXQt 16.03, latest community build of Manjaro featuring LXQt as default desktop environment. Manjaro LXQt plans to be a fast, efficient, less resource hungry distribution, yet suitable for all kind of day to day activities. According to official release announcement, following are major highlights of this release. kernel 4.4.4 LTS,

Qubes OS 3.1 Released
03/10/2016 09:11 PM

Mr Joanna Rutkowska, representing Qubes OS team announced of Qubes OS 3.1, latest stable release of Fedora based security oriented operating system. From release announcement: In Qubes 3.1 this management stack makes it possible to conveniently control system-wide Qubes configuration using centralized, declarative statements. Declarative is a key word here: it makes creating advanced

ClearOS 7.2.0 Released
03/10/2016 09:01 PM

Mr Devin Johson, representing ClearOS community announced release of ClearOS 7.2.0, latest stable update of CentOS based operating system developed for servers, gateways and network systems. As usual convention, ClearOS 7.2.0 also comes in 3 flavors which includes community edition, home edition and business editions. From release announcement: All editions can be installed from the same

deepin 15.1.1 Released - More like a bug fix release
03/09/2016 11:47 PM

The deepin team announced release of deepin 15.1.1 a bug fix release of recently released deepin 15.1. This release will help users to re-install their operating system to overcome the booting problem caused because of some updates. According to official release announcement, following are problems fixed by this release. Booting issue caused by some updates is fixed now. Users may

Fedora 24 Alpha Freeze announced
03/09/2016 11:38 PM

The Fedora project announced freezing of Fedora 24 Alpha. This means no further updates will be added to Fedora 24 Alpha release. All new updates will be added to updates-testing repository and will be added to stable repository after performing necessary testing activities. Initially Fedora 24 Alpha freeze was planned on 16th of February. It was moved forward to meet basic quality requirements

Linux From Scratch (LFS) and BLFS 7.9 Relesed
03/09/2016 08:58 PM

The LFS team announced release of Linux From Scratch 7.9 and Beyond Linux From Scratch(BLFS) 7.9, latest stable release of tool chains and thorough documentation required for building your own custom GNU/Linux distribution from scratch. This release marks a major mile stone in the history of both LFS and BLFS. LFS 7.9 includes updates to glibc-2.23, binutils-2.26, and gcc-5.3.0. In total, 25

OwnCloud 9.0 Released, the biggest release so far.
03/09/2016 08:50 PM

The ownCloud team announced release of ownCloud 9.0, latest stable release of open source client-server suite for creating file hosting services. This release of ownCloud marks biggest release in it's history. ownCloud 9.0 comes with several performance improvements, bug fixes and new features. Collaboration with CERN and AARNET is also something that is important about this release. From a

Kodi Media Center announces two brand new themes
03/08/2016 09:46 PM

The Kodi team announced plan to introduce two brand new themes in future releases of Kodi Media Center. Kodi, which was formerly known as XBMC is an award winning open source media center which is capable of playing videos, audios, pictures, games and more. It was long back in 2009, Kodi team introduced a new theme, when Kodi was known as XBMC. Since then, Kodi is using same theme for years,

Korora 23 Review
03/07/2016 10:37 PM

Latest issue(07-03-2016) of dsitrowatch weekly has a review of recently released Korora 23 as feature story. Korora is well known for it's powerful Fedora base combined with several useful software packages and well tweaked desktop environments. The reviewer remarks that Korora is a good choice for beginners who are looking for a redhat style GNU/Linux distribution. The reviewer also praises

Korora 23 Xfce Review
03/07/2016 10:26 PM

The duskfire blog has published a review of Korora 23 Xfce, Fedora based GNU/Linux distribution coming with xfce desktop. In addition to Fedora packages, Korora comes with several useful packages that Fedora does not ship because of ideological reasons. The reviewer finds Korora as a useful distribution and also observes that Korora is doing a great job by integrating day to day packages on

Sonar 2016.3 Released : Manjaro based accessible OS focused on assistive technology
03/07/2016 12:24 AM

The Sonar OS team announced release of Sonar 2016.3, latest stable release of Manjaro based accessible operating system that focuses on assistive technologies. This release of Sonar OS is a result of 3 months of development effort of Manjaro Linux team as well as Sonar OS team. In addition to regular Manjaro updates, following are additional packages included in this release.

Manjaro 16.06 'Daniella' - First Preview Released
03/07/2016 12:12 AM

The Manjaro team announced release of first development preview for Manjaro 16.06 with code name 'Daniella'. This development release is made available after 3 months of effort. From release announcement: The Xfce edition remains our flagship offering and has received the attention it deserves. Few can claim to offer such a polished, integrated and leading-edge Xfce experience. We ship Xfce

If you like Fedora, You will like Korora too : Review
03/06/2016 11:58 PM

The Linux Insider has published a review of Korora 23, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Fedora 23. Korora 23 combines powerful base of Fedora with a lot of packages that comes useful in our day to day life, and also it comes with extensively tweaked desktop environments. In this review, all Korora flavors, ie, GNOME, KDE, MATE, Xfce and Cinnamon are taken in to consideration. The review

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