Antergos 2016.02.21 Review

Antergos is an arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution that covers cutting edge arch base with user friendly and easy to use installer and desktop environments. Antergos, formerly Cinnarch, offers different desktop environments to choose from.

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(20/03/2016) features a review of Antergos 2016.02.21, a recent stable ISO of Antergos. The reviewer is happy with it's experience in one week. Though in downside, he had some issues with some features ZFS, totem movie player and steam game engine..etc

Antergos is a cutting edge Linux distribution which is based on Arch Linux. The project creates a powerful desktop oriented operating system that supports several desktop environments and install-time add-ons. Around the middle of February the Antergos project released a snapshot carrying the version number 2016.02.19. At the time I downloaded the ISO image, but was unable to get the distribution to boot on my hardware. I then moved on to explore other projects, but then discovered the Antergos developers had released an updated ISO, this one labelled 2016.02.21. I downloaded this new ISO and found it booted on my test system and so proceeded to experiment with the distribution. 
Read complete review in distrowatch weekly.

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