Windows Binary Compatible, ReactOS 0.4.0 Released

The ReactOS community announced release of ReactOS 0.4.0, latest stable main line release of windows binary compatible, independently evolved open source operating system. This release of ReactOS comes 10 years after  previous main line release, ReactOS 0.3.0.

ReactOS team is proud to say that, this release is both a celebration of and a testament to everything that the ReactOS team and community has achieved together. Within previous 10 years, there were several test builds to check each and every improvement made to this dream operating system.

According to official release announcement, following are some notable highlights of this release.
  • ext2 read/write and NTFS read support
  • New explorer shell and theme support
  • SerialATA support
  • Sound support
  • USB support
  • VirtualBox and VirtualPC support
  • Wireless networking
  • CMake support for GCC and MSVC compilation
  • Compilation times significantly improved
  • GDB remote debugging interface for kernel debugging
  • WinDBG support
In additions to these improvements, there are several improvements in building system, file system support, graphics, memory optimization, networking, NTVDM, registry, shell, storage, USB, visuals..etc.

More information regarding this release can be found in official release announcement and release notes.

You may find more download options, including donations in official download page.

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