Rosa Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 Released

The Rosalab announced availability of Rosa Desktop Fresh GNOME R7, latest release in Rosa Desktop Fresh series featuring GNOME as default desktop environment. ROSA Desktop Fresh is a series of Russian GNU/Linux distributions, initially forked from Mandriva Linux, and it is intended for advanced users and enthusiasts who prefer to have user experience and freshness without compromising stability and security.

From release announcement:
New distribution with GNOME Desktop 3.16 with new user friendly notifications and amazing themes. As always, the distro presents a vast collection of games and emulators and the Steam platform package along with standard suite of audio and video communications software including the newest version of Skype. All modern video formats are supported. The distribution includes the fresh LibreOffice version. Besides standard application set (office suite, web browser, etc.) the distribution includes a lot of games, proprietary codecs, vendor drivers for different hardware (video cards, network cards, etc.), rich TeX stack and a about 10,000 of other applications.
See more information in official release notes.

Download Rosa Desktop Fresh GNOME R7

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