Netrunner Rolling 2016.01 Released

The Netrunner team announced release of Netrunner Rolling 16.01, latest stable update of Manjaro/Arch based GNU/Linux  distribution offering a classical KDE plasma experience.

Netrunner 16.01 is result of 3 months of development effort and comes with a lot of updated packages such as Plasma 5.5.4, KDE Applications 15.12.2, Linux Kernel 4.4.2, Firefox 44.0.2, Thunderbird 38.6.0,LibreOffice 5 ...etc.

From release announcement:
This release marks one change from previously released pre-packaged ISOs: We’ve decided not to ship akonadi and the KDE PIM suite default with this release in favor of more lightweight alternatives.

Due to the power and flexibility of Arch packagemanagement it is easy for people who enjoy using Kdepim to install it via one single package called 'kde-meta-kdepim', that pulls in all previously shipped packages again.
Everything else is shipped as usual with their latest versions and should run as expected.
See official release announcement for additional details and screenshots.

Download Netrunner Rolling 16.01 64 BIT

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