Getting started with i3 - A tiling window manager

i3 is an independently evolved open source tiling window manager for GNU/Linux and BSD distributions. i3 window manager is mainly intended for developers and advanced users.

The Fedora Magazine has published an article, which will take you through the basics of i3 window manager. This article covers overview of i3, installation of i3 in Fedora, configuration and customization, getting started with i3, and many useful tips that will help you to take most of i3 window manager.

Banner of article published in Fedora Magazine
Source : Fedora Magazine

Despite being new, it has been rapidly adopted by many Linux hackers, such as Greg Kroah-Hartman. Some of the features and benefits of the i3wm include:
  1. Does not require high-end hardware
  2. Low resource consumption
  3. Highly customizable
Unlike traditional desktop environments, window managers are flat, terminal-like environments that work in terms of workspaces and tiles. Usually there are not things like application menus or a desktop for files and folders. Window managers are independent from a GUI. Many pro users don’t even use a mouse with their window managers and use only a keyboard (although it is still possible to use a mouse if you prefer to have one).
Read complete article in Fedora Magazine.

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