Installing Budgie Desktop 10.2.2 in Fedora 23/22

Budgie Desktop is a lightweight, responsive, elegant and open source desktop environment built over GNOME 3 stacks. Though it is initially developed exclusively for Solus OS, it is also available for other major GNU/Linux distributions like Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux ..etc.

Budgie Desktop in Solus OS

Recently, Budgie developers announced availability of Budgie Desktop 10.2.2. Also, they announced availability of updated repositories for Fedora and OpenSUSE operating systems.

This tutorial covers steps to be followed, for installing Budgie Desktop from repositories created by official developers.

STEP 1 : Grab Repository
Similar to installation of any third party packages, first step is to grab repository. Separate repositories are provided for Fedora 22 and Fedora 23.

Open terminal and execute following command to grab repository.

#Fedora 22
$ wget -o solus-project.repo

#Fedora 23
$ wget -o solus-project.repo

Now move this repository to standard repository directory. Since standard repository directory belongs to root, we need super user permission for doing this task.
$ sudo mv *solus-project.repo /etc/yum/repos.d/

STEP 2 : Install Budgie Desktop
Thus we've successfully added Budgie Desktop repository. Now, next step is to install budgie-desktop packages using dnf command.
$sudo dnf install budgie-desktop

STEP 3 : Logout session and Login to Budgie session
Now we're done with installation Budgie Desktop. Now logout your current session. When you login next time, choose Budgie Desktop from desktop environment menu. If it is missing try restarting your display manager(gdm/kdm/mdm..etc) or restarting your computer.

Budgie Desktop in Fedora 23

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6 April 2016 at 15:15 delete

Do not install this on Fedora 23 Cinnamon Spin 'cos it breaks Cinnamon.

25 August 2016 at 05:54 delete

CentOS is using GNOME 3.14.x. However, currently budgie binaries compatible with GNOME 3.14.x are not available. You will to download projects source code from github and compile yourself. Regards.