Zorin OS 11 Beta Released

The Zorin Project announced availability of Zorin OS 11 Beta, development release of distribution's upcoming Ubuntu 15.10 based stable release. This release includes Linux Kernel which comes with a lot of bug fixes, improved hardware support and performance improvement.

From release announcement:
With Zorin OS 11, we’ve focused on improving the overall desktop user experience, from the smallest details to the bigger picture. In addition to shipping new and improved versions of our standard pre-installed applications, we’ve included new applications to help you get more done in Zorin OS in a faster, better and more fun way. These apps include a built-in Contacts manager, Clocks – which allows you to set alarms, a timer, stopwatch as well as view the time in different parts of the world – and a simple and beautiful new video player.
See complete release announcement and more screen shots in Zorin OS blog.

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