Tails Linux 2.0 RC1 Released

The Tails Project announced availability of Tails 2.0 RC1, first release candidate for upcoming Tails 2.0 series of GNU/Linux distributions. Tails is a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution that offers you anonymity and privacy while surfing internet.

According to release announcement, following are changes made after since release of Tails 2.0 Beta 1.
  • Fixed passphrase strength indicator of GNOME Disks.
  • Removed Claws Mail: Icedove is now the default email client.
  • Upgraded Tor Browser to 5.5a6.
  • Install xserver-xorg-video-intel from Jessie Backports (currently: 2.99.917-2~bpo8+1). This adds support for recent chips such as Intel Broadwell's HD Graphics.
  • And many more bug fixes
A complete list of changes can be found in official release announcement.

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