Siduction 2015.12 - DEV Released

The Sidcution team announced availability of Sidcution 2015.12-DEV, latest development release of Debian unstable based GNU/Linux distribution. This release of Siduction is dedicated to memory of Debian founder Ian Murdock, who passed away on Dec. 28 2015.

From release announcement:
For 2015 we can just release this dev-release, even though we would have liked to do more. Due to the course that Debian Unstable and some desktop environments took over the course of the year, we had no chance to get a release ready with all flavours, following our release model. So we need to make a change here and release flavours when they are ready to release and not wait for the other flavours. Following the old release model, we now sit on final images released one year ago, where the first upgrade is bigger than the image itself. That is a far from ideal situation, hence the change.
See complete release announcement in Siduction portal.

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