Phoenix OS : Another multiplatform Android based OS

Android operating systems are getting a lot of attentions in these days. Today, a major share of hand held devices such as mobile phones, tablets ..etc are powered by android operating system.

Over the time, there were a lot of attempts to develop different remakes of android operating system. In fact, most of the mobile companies rolls their own customized version of android. Companies like Xiomi has made extensive change in user interface to attract more users.

In addition to different remixes made available, there are some varieties, which works in PC's as well. This includes Android x86 project, Remix OS ..etc. Phoenix OS is a new member to this family. It can be installed in mobile devices, tablets, and also in PC's.

If we borrow words of Phoenix OS team to describe it, it will be like this.
Phoenix OS is a flexible, powerful and more importantly familiar operating system designed for tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Phoenix OS team claims that, Phoenix OS is an art over android platform, and it is enhanced for larger screens also includes components to improve productivity. This so called components includes, start-menu like menu, task bar..etc. It also provides support for ordinary keyboard and mouse.

The vision of Phoenix OS is to combines good ideas from both Android and Windows, and evolve an operating system which can be more user friendly, flexible and revolutionize software industry by having tie ups with partners in both software and hardware ecosystem.

More information on this amazing operating system can be found in an official published brochure.  

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