OpenSourceFeed : Weekly News Feed 39

4M Linux 16.0 BETA Released
01/16/2016 11:10 PM

The 4MLinux team announced availability of 4MLinux 16.0 BETA, latest development release of upcoming stable 4M Linux 16.0 distribution series. 4MLinux is an independently evolved, small sized GNU/Linux distribution. From release announcement: 4MLinux 16.0 is ready for testing. Create your documents with LibreOffice and share them using DropBox 3.12.6, surf the Internet with

Black Lab Linux 8 'Onyx' Alpha 1 Released
01/16/2016 11:01 PM

The PC / Opensystem LLC announced availability of Black Lab Linux 8 Alpha 1,  development release of Ubuntu LTS/Debian based GNU/Linux distributions version 8.x series. From release announcement: Since this is a consumer-focused release we focused on issues that end-users bring to our attention. First and most important : migration tools, built into the installer, for the growing crowd

KaOS 2016.01 Released
01/15/2016 09:14 PM

The KaOS developers announced availability of KaOS 2016.01, latest stable build of independently evolved, semi rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring KDE as default desktop environment. According to official release announcement: As always with this rolling distribution you will find the very latest packages for the Plasma Desktop, this includes Frameworks 5.18.0, Plasma 5.5.3 and KDE

9 GNU/Linux distributions to watch in 2016
01/14/2016 09:33 PM

The network world portal has published a list of 9 Linux distros to watch in 2016, with a brief description of each distribution. This list includes featured, high quality, and actively developed GNU/Linux distributions. Last year, right about this time, I listed my top Linux distributions to watch during 2015. Not which ones would be the best. Nor which would be the worst. Simply which

10 Reasons for Ubuntu's popularity in cloud platforms
01/14/2016 09:00 PM

Ubuntu is one of the widely used multi platform supported open source operating system. It has made significant impact in platforms like mobiles, tablets, pc's, laptops, servers ..etc. An article published in Forbes magazine looks into the reasons, that made Ubuntu a popular operating system in cloud platforms. Microsoft MSFT -0.12% might have set an ambitious goal of pushing Windows 10

Tails Linux 2.0 RC1 Released
01/13/2016 09:13 PM

The Tails Project announced availability of Tails 2.0 RC1, first release candidate for upcoming Tails 2.0 series of GNU/Linux distributions. Tails is a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution that offers you anonymity and privacy while surfing internet. According to release announcement, following are changes made after since release of Tails 2.0 Beta 1. Fixed passphrase strength indicator of

Manjaro 15.12 GNOME Edition Released
01/12/2016 09:36 PM

The Manjaro community announced availability of Manjaro GNOME 15.12, latest stable build Manjaro 15.12 based GNU/Linux distribution featuring GNOME as default desktop environment. This release includes all updated packages till 5th of January. From official release announcement: This release keeps to the style of the 15.12 release being that it is highly vanilla, but of course is

Investigating Solus 1.0 : Review
01/11/2016 10:17 PM

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly features a review of recently released Solus 1.0, an independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution that offers simplicity, elegance and security. Solus make use of eopkg package manager and budgie desktop, a lightweight, powerful and modern desktop environment. The reviewer concludes that, he is disappointed with this release. He observes that, despite of

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