Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa - A wilted flower : Review

The dedoimedo portal has published a review of Linux Mint 17.3, latest stable release of Ubuntu 14.04.x LTS based GNU/Linux distribution. After playing with Linux Mint 17.3 for a while, reviewer concludes that, similar to other releases in this season, Linux Mint 17.3 has also failed to impress him. He is very happy with Linux Mint 17.2, but not with Linux Mint 17.3.

The R naming tradition continues. Linux Mint 17.3 comes with Rosa as its official title, and it is the latest release in this rather successful family of distros. Steady, stable, quite predictable, Mint has been in the top of the chart for a while, and quite often Dedoimedo's favorite. Rafaela, the previous edition, did quite well, almost taking the perfect score in the review.

Time to see if Rosa can deliver. After all, this distro season has been awful so far. Pretty much all and every release sucked big time, with some monumental regressions all over the place. Even openSUSE with Plasma couldn't redeem the situation. Horrible. But maybe Mint can save the day? Shall we? 
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24 March 2016 at 18:19 delete

I was blown away by the panning of Rosa by "Ms. Anonymous", as only someone going through her cycle would find these simple little things as The-End-Of-The-World situations.
I'm sick & tired of pseudo-techies sitting back in the grove scratching their non-existant nut sax whining about everything just to make themselves seem smart. Even all the folks whining about not being able to connect to their wi-fi. Double click the icon in the "SystemTray" area, and find your network, add in your password and... Cha-Ching!!
How much does Microsoft (many of us still say that XPPro was your best offering), Google (many of us are still happy with our 32 bit machines that have never let us down) & Facebook (how is a company that no one ever sends money to, other than the nosey gooberment, worth 40 billion dollars??) pay you trolls? Get back under your bridge where you belong!... Screw it!
Rosa rocks! I still run my XP Pro because I have to, but if I had my druthers.... I'd druther not use any of the software they offer.
It's time for all of the vendors (Lexmark regarding their 1200 printer/scanner All-In-One comes to mind) to start realizing that Linux is here to stay and It's ready to take on the big clowns who only want to control our "enjoyment" of computing!!
'Nuff Said....