Is Lubuntu faster than Windows XP? Who Cares

Well, microsfot's windows XP is officially retired. So there is no reason to see whether it is faster than Lubuntu-Lightweight GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Though an article published on everydaylinuxuser portal compares performance of Lubuntu with Windows XP. And also he lists the reasons to justify, why Windows XP would be slower than Lubuntu.

Really this test should be at least is Lubuntu faster than Windows Vista? I think we all know the answer to that one and because this is 2015 the lowest common denominator should be Windows 7.If Lubuntu is slower than Windows 7 I would be incredibly surprised. That is not to knock Windows 7 because both operating systems are designed for completely different systems.Lubuntu is great for computers with low processing power.Now I want to address the Windows slowing down thing. Again what I am going to say here is largely irrelevant because the problem was solved in Windows 7 onwards.
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