Investigating Solus 1.0 : Review

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly features a review of recently released Solus 1.0, an independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution that offers simplicity, elegance and security. Solus make use of eopkg package manager and budgie desktop, a lightweight, powerful and modern desktop environment.

The reviewer concludes that, he is disappointed with this release. He observes that, despite of descriptions in official website, Solus do not offer nothing much unique, except a renamed package manager - PiSi as eopkg and Budgie desktop is almost similar to GNOME classic session.

Solus is available for the 64-bit x86 architecture exclusively and I downloaded the project's 819MB installation media. Booting from the Solus media brings up the Budgie desktop environment. Budgie looks and feels very much like GNOME Classic, with the application menu (represented by a circle) in the upper-left corner of the display. A blue down-arrow sits next to the circle and will launch the distribution's system installer. Over in the upper-right corner we find Budgie's system tray. Clicking any of the icons in the system tray brings up a panel with two tabs. In one tab we find notifications and messages. The second tab holds widgets, such as the desktop's calendar and volume control. Audio output is muted by default. When we open new programs from the application menu, the application's icon is added to the task switcher panel that runs across the top of the display. 
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