GIMP and GEGL in 2015 - Annual Report

Thus, an eventful year passed. It is time to look back, to see achievements and falls in past year. Mr Alexandre Prokoudine, has summarized achievements of GIMP-Most widely used open source image editor, and GEGL in 2015.

It’s been an interesting year for GIMP. For the most part, we focused on completing the GEGL port which involved rewriting all the source code related to color management. The vast majority of this work was done by Michael Natterer between April and November. The new implementation is much cleaner and is built right into the core of GIMP. Here are some of the new features:
  • pasting an image into another image that has a different color space just works now;
  • GIMP detects color space defined in Exif 2.21/DCF 2.0 option files;
  • greyscale images are finally color-managed;
  • layer and image previews are color managed too now.
Read complete report in GIMP portal.

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