Zorin OS 10 - Looking Much Better : Review

The dedoimedo portal has published a review of Zorin OS 10, a Ubuntu 15.04 based GNU/Linux distribution targeting windows migrants. This distributions offers a look and feel similar to popular proprietary operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X. The review observes that Zorin OS has made a lot of visual improvements since it's beginning.

Kneel before Zorin. Uh, I messed that up a little, but never mind. Autumn time! Distro reviews! Zorin! That be the distro we are going to review today, after having looked at no less than four specimens of the Ubuntu genera, with the somewhat lukewarm and rather inconsistent results. High low high low, sort of.

On the other hand, Zorin is one of those Ubuntu derivatives that tries to be different. More so than Mint, as it strives to capture the flat looks and behavior of Windows and give its users a retro-feel. It does aim at new users and fresh converts. But can it deliver? 

Read complete review in dedoimedo portal.

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