Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 - The perfect Linux desktop distribution : Review

The techrepublic portal has published a review of recently released Ubuntu MATE 15.10. This review observes that Ubuntu GNOME is a perfect GNU/Linux distribution for desktops.

For the longest time I'd been heralding Ubuntu and it's Unity desktop as one of the best Linux distributions. I liked Unity...a lot. The design was beautiful, and workflow about as efficient as you would ever find. The Dash, the Launcher, the HUD...they all came together in a perfect storm of form and function.

But then things seems to sour a bit. First the releases seemed to offer little to no improvements. With the developers working desperately to bring to life the next iteration of Unity (Unity 8/Mir), it seemed the desktop, as it stood, had become an afterthought. During that time, something very, very interesting happened.

See complete review in techrepublic portal.

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