Top 7 Terminal Emulators for GNU/Linux

For some geeks, terminal emulators are main attraction in GNU/Linux operating systems. Terminal emulators help to execute tasks quickly and easily with a few commands. At the same time, newbies may not be interested in this. An article published in Open Source portal, lists 7 top open source terminal emulators.

Are you a system administrator, Linux power user, or just spend a lot of time at the command line? Then chances are, your choice of terminal emulator says something about you. Do you prefer something lightweight? Full of features and customizable options? Or do you just use the default which ships with your distribution?

If you're not already familiar with terminal emulator clients, essentially, they are graphical applications which give you shell access to your machine. By using a text-mode interface to your computer, you can unleash the true power of Linux and the many applications which provide fast, efficient, and customizable control over its every function, not to mention many utilities which system administrators and developers rely upon for their day-to-day work. To get to the shell from your system's graphical interface, you need a terminal emulator. 
Read complete article in Open Source portal.

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