Top 3 IDE's for Python

Python is one of the fastest growing scripting language. It has influence in a wide range fields including desktop applications, web applications, cloud services ..etc. Also, it is known fact that, IDE's ie, Integrated Development Environments will boost productivity significantly.

The OpenSource portal has published an article that gives a brief description of 3 popular IDEs for python.
Python is everywhere. These days, it seems it powers everything from major websites to desktop utilities to enterprise software. Python has been used to write all, or parts of, popular software projects like dnf/yum, OpenStack, OpenShot, Blender, Calibre, and even the original BitTorrent client.

It also happens to be one of my favorite programming languages. Personally, Python has been my go-to language through the years for everything from class projects in college to tiny scripts to help me automate recurring tasks. It's one of few languages out there that is both easy to get started with for beginners yet incredibly powerful when beginners graduate to working on real-world projects.
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