Tails Linux 2.0 Beta1 Released

The Tails team announced availability of Tails 2.0 Beta 1, first development release of upcoming Tails 2.0. Tails 2.0 will be first release of Tails based on Debian 8 Jessy. That means this release includes several update software packages.

From release announcement:
The most noticeable change is probably the move to GNOME Shell, configured in Classic mode. This desktop environment provides a modern and actively developed replacement for the aging GNOME "Flashback". GNOME Shell also paves the way for better supporting touchscreens in the future.

Under the hood, an amazing amount of code was ported to more modern technologies. This, in turn, allowed us to do lots of small changes all around the place, that will make the Tails experience both safer, and more pleasant. For example, all custom system services are harder to exploit thanks to the use of Linux namespaces, set up by systemd. And the way Tails tells the user that "Tor is ready" is now more accurate.
More information can be found in official release announcement.

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